Сузанне Наест Ниелсен, фотограф ZIggy, 2015

Contemporary dance has wider geography then we could imagine. Month ago we found ourselves in the amazing place on the edge of the earth virtually – in the regional center of contemporary dance of Northern Norway, in the Hammerfest. Inspired by the center activities, we talked with it’s director Susanne Naess Nielsen about independent dance artists support, work with the audience, value of neighbourhood and not only. 
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AGRIPPINA LAB. Interview with Alexey Fomkin


Alexei Viktorovich Fomkin, current artistic director of Tanzhaus at Moskvich culture centre, recently left his position as vice rector of the Vaganova Ballet Academy. One of his major achievements in his previous job was opening a master’s program for contemporary dance choreographers, the program that’s known for its radicality. We were interested in talking to Alexei Viktorovich about why this kind of program became possible in a ballet academy and what he is going to focus on in his today’s job.
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CODA – EDUCATING THROUGH PRACTICE. Interview with Dina Khuseyn.

Dina_Khuseyn_c_Konstantin Lipatov_1

In early March “Theatre Institute” project launches a laboratory called SOTA (CODA) in Moscow aimed at developing a new educational format known and well-established in the West. Shortly before application deadline for participants we spoke about the principles, structure and ambitions of the laboratory with the project curator Dina Khuseyn.

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February 12, 2015


ROOM FOR TSEKH’14 Festival. Saving energy.

основное фото фестиваля_Photo by Michel Cavalca

We’re closing project ROOM FOR Festival TSEKH’14 by Natalia Skulakova’s review of the last performance presented at the festival, “Tarab” by 7273 Company (Switzerland).
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ROOM FOR TSEKH’14 Festival. Mission impossible.


We keep on posting reviews of project ROOM FOR TSEKH’14 Festival. Of the three Russian performances shown as part of the festival interdisciplinary piece “Moments” is the most recent one. Polina Romashkina ponders its origins, capabilities and prospects in her review.
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ROOM FOR TSEKH’14 Festival. Nine phrases and one act.

photo by nicole seiler

ROOM FOR Festival TSEKH’14 has come to a close, and we are posting some reviews of the project that seem most interesting to us.

We’re starting with Vera Shelkina’s review of a performance entitled “A Serious Act” by Nicole Seiler Company (Switzerland).
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WRITING DANCE: Interview with Jonathan Burrows.

Burrows-motionbank-workshop-Jessica Schäfer

This summer we took part in Jonathan Burrows ‘s workshop called «Writing dancing», where he proposed to investigate choreographic process, re-examine and extend our notions of how a dance can be made and what it can communicate to someone watching it. Leaving workshop with lots of fruitful thoughts we decided to share them with you and asked Jonathan to re-examine some questions from the workshop. As the result we’ve got the interview, which we post below.

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“DIVERSION” FESTIVAL IN KOSTROMA. Interview with organizers of the festival.

«Она говорит» / Mera Project (Украина) / фото: Dead Rebel

Notably, International festival of contemporary dance duets “Diversion” is held in Kostroma city instead of Moscow venues. We talked with the curators Ivan Yestegneyev and Evgeny Kulagin about the importance of the festival, about how the program takes shape, and how it builds the way audiences view contemporary dance.

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