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кафе идиот

DANCE AS THEATRE. Interview with Alexander Pepelyayev

May 27, 2015 - Interviews, History - 0 Comments - Standard

In anticipation of the “Café Idiot” premiere we got a rare opportunity to talk with its stage director, one of the oldest figures in contemporary dance in Russia Alexander Pepelyayev. We had thirty minutes to try and sort out why dance is called “visual theatre”, how “code” works, and “how it all began”.

Фото: Кирилл Захаров.


August 22, 2014 - Practice, Events - 0 Comments - Standard

A laboratory-type workshop places participants into a specific situation, valuable as it offers an opportunity to attempt an artistic utterance. It’s a stretch of time and environment to get feedback, ask yourself questions, doubt your approaches, and face your fear of the zero point alongside the others. Three participants of TSEKH summer school shared with […]