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Фото: Кирилл Захаров.


August 22, 2014 - Archive - 0 Comments - Standard

A laboratory-type workshop places participants into a specific situation, valuable as it offers an opportunity to attempt an artistic utterance. It’s a stretch of time and environment to get feedback, ask yourself questions, doubt your approaches, and face your fear of the zero point alongside the others. Three participants of TSEKH summer school shared with […]

Александр Андрияшкин

ON THE PRESENCE. Interview with Alexander Andriyashkin.

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From 28 February to 2 March Alexander Andriyashkin gave a workshop on “Basic principles of presence” at “TSEKH” contemporary dance school (Moscow). Having experienced the value of this practice, we decided to find out how this class began, why a choreographer needs these principles, and how a person not related to dance might benefit from […]