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DANCE AS THEATRE. Interview with Alexander Pepelyayev

May 27, 2015 - Texts - 0 Comments - Standard

In anticipation of the “Café Idiot” premiere we got a rare opportunity to talk with its stage director, one of the oldest figures in contemporary dance in Russia Alexander Pepelyayev. We had thirty minutes to try and sort out why dance is called “visual theatre”, how “code” works, and “how it all began”.

Александр Андрияшкин

ON THE PRESENCE. Interview with Alexander Andriyashkin.

March 27, 2014 - Без рубрики - 0 Comments - Standard

From 28 February to 2 March Alexander Andriyashkin gave a workshop on “Basic principles of presence” at “TSEKH” contemporary dance school (Moscow). Having experienced the value of this practice, we decided to find out how this class began, why a choreographer needs these principles, and how a person not related to dance might benefit from […]