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ROOM FOR is the only professional contemporary dance web-site in Russia. The Project is dedicated to promoting contemporary dance via telling theory and history of contemporary dance, dialogue with active dance-artists and covering of actual events in this field in Russia and abroad. We also promote contemporary dance via a number of events like lectures, shows and discussiions.

ROOM FOR founder Katya Ganyushina: “We created this project in 2014 together with Anna Kravchenko, who decided to leave it in Sepetmber 2015. Initially ROOM FOR was a blog, where we wrote on the issues in contemporary dance world we were interested in. Later I realised that we need to take into account all the diversity of contemporary dance forms and accumulate information about them. There was also need in critical writing on contemporary dance in Russian and its more close connection with the art practice in Russia. These are the issues ROOM FOR aims to develop nowadays. A number of volunteers help me to run this project, among them Lika Ebralidze (grammar check in Russian) and Yana Lebedikhina (English translatins check).”

If you would like to get in touch with us, please send your e-mails to info@roomfor.ru

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