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THREE DAYS TILL INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY! Message from Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (2011).

Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker

I think dance celebrates what makes us human.

When we dance we use, in a very natural way, the mechanics of our body and all our senses to express

joy, sadness, the things we care about.

People have always danced to celebrate the crucial moments of life and our bodies carry the memory of

all the possible human experiences.

We can dance alone and we can dance together. We can share what makes us the same, what makes us

different from each other.

For me dancing is a way of thinking. Through dance we can embody the most abstract ideas and thus

reveal what we cannot see, what we cannot name.

Dance is a link between people, connecting heaven and earth.

We carry the world in our bodies.

I think that ultimately each dance is part of a larger whole, a dance that has no beginning, and no end.

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